Water Conservation

As Spencer’s water usage continues to grow and we look for new sites for wells, SMU also works to educate customers on how to save water.

SMU offers free energy and water conservation kits to customers to install in their home or business. The water conservation kit includes two showerheads, two bathroom faucet aerators, and a kitchen faucet aerator. And you can't beat the price; the kits are FREE to SMU customers!

Another thing to help with water conservation, SMU has kits available to customers if you feel you may have a leaky toilet. Making sure there isn't a leak is another way of conserving water in your home. If you feel you may need to test a toilet, stop in and pick up a kit from us.

Some other ways you can simply conserve water are:

  • Repair Leaks
  • Purchase water efficient appliances
  • Reduce unnecessary water usage
  • Plant native or appropriate plants for the climate/location
  • Use rain barrels/cisterns
  • Use soaker lines for irrigation
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